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Ms.Fei was a student teacher this year for our class and helped me with a lot of things. Especially with math. Since she helped me a lot with math I got high A's on my tests, a
<--- Pi = 3.14159
Diameter = The whole width of a circle.
Radius = Half of the width of a circle. 
Circumference = Pi x Diameter 



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PS4 Console 
PS4 Controller 
For science we did a science experiment. We put a pain killer inside a canister, mixed it with water, and the cap blew off. I enjoyed the experiment because it was really fun seeing how far the cap goes. We tested if the cap goes farther with half of a painkiller, or one full tablet. Independent variable : The painkiller. 
Dependent variable : Which one will make the cap go farther.
Controlled variables : Same angle, same day, same water, same amount of water, same cap, same painkiller. 

In P.E. a while ago we had a basketball unit. I learned how to shoot, pass, and how to shoot properly. I already knew how to before, now I can do it better. I made the basketball team in my school and we won all of our games. However, in playday. We lost all our games. Next time, we can improve on making high percentage shots. We can

I enjoyed the field trip we had today. Because it was really fun hanging out with friends and going up the mountain. The best part though was the feeling you get when you finish the grind. 

I learned that if you have the determination, you can do whatever you want to do. Even if you are tired, if you are determined then you can do it. 

Next time, to improve my record I will not take as much breaks. Also, I will not take as long breaks. 
I beat my last time by twenty minutes. Because I had the determination to finish the grind in less than an hour. When I was at the 3/4 mark, I finished the last 1/4 in 8 minutes because I really wanted to get under an hour, which I did, with 58 minutes.
I just finished my math integer project. I used GoAnimate for the project down below. I am showing how integers are all over the world in our every day lives. 
My 3 on 3 hockey team has it’s first playoff hockey game today! We are versing a very good team. The last time we were against them we lost in a shootout. We were down two goals in the third period, then I scored two goals late in the 3rd and we went into a shootout. None of our team scored and we lost. It was a tight game though. Today, I think we can beat this team.